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8. R & J - Quote Analysis 1

Questions to consider:
1.  Where does this quote appear in the play?
2.  What has happened before and what happens after this quote?
3.  Reword the quote in your own words.
4.  Select a word at a time and analyse is in detail for deeper meaning and links with the essay topic.


My child is yet a stranger in the world;
She hath not seen the change of fourteen years,
Let two more summers wither in their pride,
Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.

 ...The earth hath swallow'd all my hopes but she,
She is the hopeful lady of my earth:
But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart,
My will to her consent is but a part;
An she agree, within her scope of choice
Lies my consent and fair according voice.


  1. The quote appears in Act 1 Scene 2 of the play, where Capulet refuses for Paris to marry Juliet, as he believes she is too young. However, he agrees due to his wealth, but only under the consent of Juliet.

    In the quote, Capulet tells Paris that 'She is too young, she is only 14. Let her wait for two more summers (years). But my say is not all and I will accept if Juliet has her consent."

    The phrase 'ripe to be a bride' suggests that they want to wait until she is older and more suitable to be a wife.

  2. this appears in the play before the Capulet's ball. Paris then tries to woo her at the ball but she has laied eyes on Romeo. Capulets says how Juliet is still young and for Paris to give her more time, he's saying that Paris needs to win her heart over because she wont concent there and then.

  3. This is from Act 1 Scene 2, and is when Paris asks Capulet for Juliet's hand in marriage.

    We know that Capulet's was considerate of his daughters opinion and only wants the best for her. "My will to her consent is but a part." tells us how she will have a say in it and unlike most men in Elizabethan England, Capulet is not taking complete control.

  4. 1. This appears in the play before the Capulets Ball and in the film, appears when Capulet and Paris are in the lift talking about Juliet.
    2. After the quote, at the ball, Juliet meets Romeo and without her family being aware of the encounter, Lady Capulet still encourages Paris to try to woo Juliet. Before the quote, the Montagues and Capulets have had a fight in the streets and has caused a lot of tension between the two families.

  5. Capulet uses the words "earth hath sawllow'd hopes"-this acts as an oxymoron as earths implies a whole and positive tone, yet swallow'd implies a negative and sisnister impression, further connotations portray Juliet as fragile and vulnerable,her father's hopes have been dashes should she make the wrogn marriage choice."Ripe to be a bride"-the noun "ripe" has connotations of fruit; it is ready to be picked, and harvested, in this case Juliet is ready to be wed to Paris.GFurther connotations cojuld laso be that of a paardox to that of Capulet's feelings; he clearly feels that Juliet is ready to be married, however a fruit could always wither and lose its qualities (decay).Juliet may lose her qualities just like a decahyed fruit; this is futrther supported by the noun "bride" which could in turn sow the seeds of her relatinoship with Paris, liek the fruit.

  6. before the Capulet's ball

  7. 1. This quote appears in act 1 scene 2,it is when Paris has asked Capulet if he can marry Juliet.
    2. The nurse and Lady Capulet are talking to Juliet about the possibility of marrying Paris in the Capulet mansion and about Paris coming to the party after this quote. Before this quote was the fight scene between the two houses.
    3. Juliet is too young. Give her 2 more years to let her grow. Take care of her and make her want to marry you.
    4.'stranger' the noun suggests she still doesn't understand the world and is still unaware of dangers.

  8. This quote appeared on Act 1 Scene 2 in the Capulets mansion. Paris is asking Juliet to marry him and this happened just after the Capulets and Montagnues fight

  9. Declan D Standen29 January 2013 at 13:59

    after this quote the play carries on to capulet explaining to paris; the arranged husband for juliet, that juliet will need some more time as she is still too young to get married. peace out

  10. This quote is from Act 1 Scene 2 and the events that happen before this scene is the fight scene between the two different families. Capulet then thinks that Juliet is too young to marry anyone just yet, in which Paris wishes to take her hand in marriage being approved by her parents.

  11. This is from Act 1 Scene 2. Here, Capulet's caring side is portrayed and his affection for Juliet is clear. 'she is the hopeful lady of my earth' could suggest that Juliet is 'his world' and is the only hope he has- he is emphasing to Paris that his intentions must be pure and he will only give his consent depending on what Juliet decides.

  12. She is fourteen and needs to start her period before marriage. You need to be kind or she will not like you, and I shall do my best to convince.

  13. This act appears in the play before the ball takes place at the Capulet mansion. Paris has set his eyes on someone, and that so happens to be Juliet, but she has already laid her eyes on someone, who just so happens to be Romeo. Capulet thinks that Juliet needs to grow up before she is able to get married to Paris, as she has no experience as to what things are like in the world. So in order for Paris to marry his daughter, he needs to capture her heart, in hope that she will fall deeply in love with him, so that Paris can take care of her.

  14. This text appears in the play in act one scene two. Capulet tells Paris that Julliet is still a little young for him, and should wait 2 more years until she's 16. Paris tries to woo Julliet at the capulet ball but she has already come across Romeo and is very intrigued by him. Capulet is basically telling Paris to wait until Julliet is more mature and womanly until he tries to marry her. But he also tells him to try and get her attention so that she falls in love with him and accepts his preposal.

  15. 1. Act one Scene One.
    2.before- the fight. After- Juliet's room with her mother and nurse.
    3. Juliet is very young still.
    4. 'stranger in the world' shows us that Juliet is extreamly young, too young to marry as she doesnt know the ways of the world.This quote connotes that she has hardly lived, so paris asking her to marry is quite drastice.

  16. My daughter is too young
    She isn't grown up yet
    give it two more years
    then we'll think about it

    She is my everything:
    Get her to like you first,
    It will be my decision
    An she will agree

  17. MONEY MAKER (lewis)29 January 2013 at 14:14

    1) act 1 scence 1.

    3)Paris is being told to wait for juliet to be old enough by Juliets dad, as she is only 14.
    He is told that bhe needs to impress Juliet.


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