Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Daily Revision Post 16 - Looking Forward


I hope you all had a fun filled and happy evening yesterday.  Now... back to revision!

I would like you to write a letter to yourself today.  This letter should be opened during the lead up to your final exams in the summer.  I hope it will act as a motivator in the final push before you sit your exams.  In the letter I want you to tell yourself what you want to achieve in these exams and plan out how you are going to get there.  What do you want for your future?  How will a good grade in your English GCSE help you get there.  What do you want to carry on doing over the next few months to make your fully prepared so that you will be happy with your efforts, whatever the grade.  That is th4e important thing, that you have tried your very best.  Sounds like a strange revision task I know, but it is really important for you to focus your mind on why you need to work at these GCSE because they will be over before you know it!  Tomorrow we will go back to topic specific revision.

Set yourself new goals to improve for the new year.

Miss F


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