Monday, 21 January 2013

Mock Exam Feedback

As you know, this week you will receive your mock results. For some of you this will be a real time of celebration and others a time of reflection. I'm excited for you all.

I was really impressed by lots that I read in your papers. Some highlights were; great vocabulary, mature style of writing, super insightful explanations, original interpretations, extended answers and well planned pieces

While marking you mock exams I thought it would be useful for me to pop down some clear targets for improvement so we can work on these closer to the time.

English Language Unit 1 - Writers Voice: Exam - Of Mice and Men and Creative Writing

Of Mice and Men:
1. Write more in the second Of Mice and Men question than the first.  It is worth more points.
2. Focus on language analysis.  If you use a quote make sure you analyse it in detail.
3. Keep it formal in style.
4. Don't just resell the story. Talk about other plot events if they are relevant but focus mainly on the extract.
5. Make sure you are talking about the authors intention.
6. Choose your quotes carefully.
7. Depersonalise your response a little, avoid using "I think", perhaps replacing it with "the reader is made to think."
8. Generally there is not a need for exclamation marks in an essay such as this.
9. Quotes used should be short, your explanation and analysis long.  You say a lot about a little.
10. please don't overuse the word juxtapose.

1. Be mindful of the form of writing you are being asked to create.  Make sure you are in keeping.
2.  Ensure your answers are long enough to show off your writing.  Two paragraphs is way too little!
3. Ensure you use a variety of sentence types for effect.
4. Ensure you. Using punctuation for effect.
5. Make paragraphs clear and ensure they aid the readers understanding of your ideas.

English Literature Unit 2 - Poetry Exam - Unseen Poetry:

1. Ensure you extent each one of your explanations when analysing a quote or example from the poem.
2. Me mindful to use the technique germs correctly. If you are going to use an unusual technique be sure it is actually there.
3. Consider how you group your ideas, paragraphing is important for clarity.
4. Keep it formal and assured. Avoid phrases like "it might mean..." use instead "an interpretation of this line could be..."
5. Ensure you compare in each paragraph if the question requires you to do so.
6. Please don't overuse the word juxtapose.

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