Monday, 20 May 2013

English Literature - Edexcel - Understanding Poetry - Poem Overviews

Good evening Year 11.  Below are overviews of all the poems covered in the exam.  I hope they are helpful to your revision.  If therein one poem you would like me to analyse in-depth, please post the request in the comments box below this post and I will do my best to get one up for you.

Happy revising!

Half Caste - John Agard:

Parades's End - Daljit Nagra:

Belfast Confetti - Ciran Carson:

Our Sharpeville - Ingrid De Kok:

Exposure - Wilfred Owen:

Catrin - Gillian Clarke:

Your Dad Did What? - Sophie Hannah:

Class Game - Mary Casey:

Cousin Kate - Christina Rossetti:

The Drum - John Scott:

Invasion - Choman Hardi:

Hitcher - Simon Armitage:

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