Thursday, 28 February 2013

CA Retake - Speaking and Listening

You will be planning and conducting a two or three minute speech to an audience. 

Possible Topics:
Lost for Words.
Family Traditions.
Alarm Clocks.
Hidden Talents.
Rich Man. Poor Man.
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.
The Catwalk.
An Education.
Fashion Victims.
Manners Matter.
Celebrity Culture.
Role Models.
Body Language.
Women’s Lives.
Beauty is Only Skin Deep.
The Journey.
New Technology.
Small Talk.
The Modern Man.
Man’s Best Friend.
 The Charts.
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.
Money Talks.
Us Versus Them.
War Torn.
The Sound of Music.
Being Human.
The Hero.

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