Thursday, 27 December 2012

Daily Revision Post 11 - Literary Theory and Terms

Right, something to extend your thinking a little and aim towards the A and A* answer we are all looking for!

Revision - English Language Unit 2 - Writers Voice - Of Mice & Men and Creative Writing:


Literary criticism is facinating stuff. Have a look at the links below and see if you could see yourself including a little snipit of relevant literary criticism in your exam essays.

Revision - English Literature GCSE - Unit 2 - Unseen Poetry:
Lauren, Michael, Mayren, Sophia and Megan Du - only you will be taking this exam.

Poetic form is an important element of the creation of a poem and understanding it will help your answer have a more learned and mature tone.  Make sure you are clear about different poetic forms and are able to discuss their relevance.

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