Monday, 17 December 2012

Daily Revision Post 1 - Guides

Right, daily revision posts have now begun!  I will be posting revision ideas up on the site every day until the mock exam is upon us on the 7th. Think of the blog over the holidays as an advent calendar of revision ideas, if you like!

Most of you are taking the Writers Voice Exam for your Mock exam with just five of you taking the Poetry Exam.  Please only look at the section that is relevant to you.

Revision - English Language Unit 2 - Writers Voice - Of Mice & Men and Creative Writing:
Task:  Read the revision notes on the great website below.  It is a comprehensive revision guide that is helpful for all levels C-A*. 

Revision - English Literature GCSE - Unit 2 - Unseen Poetry:
Lauren, Michael, Mayren, Sophia and Megan Du - only you will be taking this exam as the rest of the class are in for the retake.

Task:  Spend some time browsing the poetry archive. They have some wonderful audio recordings made by the poets themselves.


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